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Vehicle Warranty

Conversion Warranty

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Enjoy peace of mind with up to two years warranty provided by Autoprotect. Buy here or directly from your local CVC Association Approved Dealer.  The warranty can be used across the UK and the claim limit is the purchase price of the vehicle. 

This warranty is only available from Silver and Gold members. The warranty covers the actual conversion. Any repairs are done at at a Silver or Gold CVC approved dealer. 

Independent Vehicle Inspections

Camper Van Finance

Some customers want to buy a vehicle thats on the other side of the country. We offer a cosmetic vehicle appraisal service. This must be booked via your Bronze  Silver or Gold CVC Association Dealer. 

Most members of the CVC Association have their own routes for finance. If you are a member and dont have a credit licence or dont want one. Then we can take finance proposals from you. We cannot take proposals from members of the public sorry.

Dispute Resolution

Demo Vehicle Scheme

We off a paid dispute resolution service all across the UK. An experienced engineer will visit the customer and an independent report generated. This greatly helps where there is a possibility of court action as the cost is shared by all parties of the contract. Seller, customer and in some cases funder. 

One of the  main benefits of joining the CVA Association is well priced new vehicles for conversion. Bronze Silver and Gold members are entitled to buy at least one vehicle per year subject to availability. There are also more stock vehicles on our live stock page but they are unlikely to be as cheap. 

New Vehicle Stock

New Vehicle Ordering

LWe have Teamed up with Brokerweb and have a live stock feed. Bronze Silver and Gold Members are able to see and buy live stock in real time. 
This live feed can also be fed to to CVA Association members websites.

Vehicle supply was hit very hard during Covid and most manufacturers ceased convertor discount terms. 
We anticipate that by the end of 2024 many manufacturers will have reintroduced discounts. These discounts can be passed onto Bronze Silver and Gold Members 

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