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Exploring the Best Camping Spots in Spain with Your VW Transporter

If you are reading this post, then it’s obvious you are searching for campsites in Spain for motorhomes. Well, you are in the right place!

One of the best experiences you can have while in Spain is camping. Camping in Spain gives you a first-hand look at the nation and its culture. Spain is a well-known tourist destination. The nation boasts some of Europe’s best beaches, magnificent mountain ranges, amazing architecture and delectable cuisine.

In this article, we will cover some of the best campsites in Spain for motorhomes that you can explore with your VW Transporter. But first, let’s take a deep look at camping and campsites.

Camping and Campsites

Camping, by definition, can be seen as an outdoor pastime that entails spending a night or two and above in a safe shelter within nature. The word camping in and of itself is a very broad word, but to make it short, it is a method for temporarily escaping the hustle and bustle of the life in the city and returning to a natural environment. Since the fall of the 19th century, recreational camping has grown to be on the top of their most popular outdoor hobbies across the world. It is a way to get some outdoor leisure. You don’t need to compete with anyone, all you need to do is to learn how to enjoy your surroundings from a natural perspective.

During the early 20th century, the aristocracy started to enjoy camping. It gained popularity over time among many socioeconomic groups. Some natural resources, (Publicly owned), included state and national parks, wilderness regions, and campgrounds. Several nations, including Scotland and Sweden, also permit public camping on privately owned land. Many youth organizations, like Scouting, etc., use camping as a crucial component to teach both teamwork and self-reliance.

Camping and Campsites

A campsite on the other hand, which is also referred to as “campground,” or “camping pitch” (in some cases) is a location where people go camping. American (US) English and British(UK)  English have different use patterns. In the UK, it is called a campsite. It is an area that contains many camp pitches where people can set up tents, campers, or caravans for overnight outdoor camping. The area is typically split into various camping pitches.

In US English, the term is a campground and not a campsite. But the term campsite, in US English, generally refers to an area where families, groups, and individuals can park their campers and spread their tents to camp. And this campsite, according to the US English, is located on a campground, meaning that a campground contains many different campsites.  A campsite (in the US) or pitch (in the UK) can be either a predetermined location with amenities or a spontaneous location (where one may choose to halt while trekking, hiking, or simply next to a road that crosses the forest).

Amenities Included on A Campground

  • Firepits or fireplaces for campfire
  • Road access for vehicles
  • A parking space
  • Picnic benches
  • Reservations to guarantee camping space
  • Marked areas designating a camper’s boundaries
  • Hookups for utilities, including:
    • power
    • water
    • sewer
  • Piped drinking water
  • Elevated platforms for erecting tents

Best Campsites In Spain For Motorhomes

Finding the idle campsite for your next trip may be complicated. But if you are planning to take a quick getaway or a road trip in Spain and looking for the best sites to explore, we put together a list of 6 top campsites you can explore in Spain.

1.   Camperpark De Wevers – (in Alicante)

If your goal is a thrilling and energetic camping experience while in Spain, then Camperpark De Wevers is the answer. This campsite is surrounded by some of the best places to visit south Spain. This campsite has breathtaking Mediterranean views, in addition to an abundance of delicious Spanish tapas. You will find contemporary amenities, such as laundry rooms and recreation areas, centered around an attractive resort. It allows you to enjoy the excellent local amenities as well as the exciting neighboring nighttime activities like dining and drinking at adjacent traditional Spanish establishments. The lively atmosphere allows you to tour the area’s natural beauty. This campervan camping offers something for campervan enthusiasts of all types, from breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, to a large selection of appealing activities.

Camperpark De Wevers – (in Alicante)

  • Price: From 15 €
  • Website: https://www.campercontact.com/en/spain/

2.  Casa Lumbreras Motorhome

Casa Lumbreras is the best campsite to explore in Spain this season because it is a well-kept secret. This serene area, located in the charming town of Lumbreras, guarantees the best camping experience possible. Here, you may participate in thrilling activities like swimming in the pool or horseback riding through breathtaking scenery, exploring the gorgeous countryside, and sampling delectable local cuisine. Casa Lumbreras Motorhome ensures that every minute you spend there is magical, whether you are traveling alone or with family and friends.

Take some time off your routine and have a memorable stay at the top campsite for campers!

  • Price: From 14 €
  • Website: https://www.casa-lumbreras.com/

3.  Camping Ribadeo (in Galicia)

If you are a campervan tourist looking for distinctive campsites in Spain for motorhomes to enjoy your vacation, Camping Ribadeo is the ideal location. During your visit, you’ll be immersed in stunning scenery and beautiful vistas while just a few meters from the ocean’s shore. From the ease of your campervan, you can take in all the natural splendor that Spain has to offer before venturing out to explore neighborhood markets and sample regional specialties. The most of the year is warm and sunny in the Mediterranean region, making it the perfect destination for campervan getaways. Every campervan lover can find something to enjoy at this campsite.

  • Price: From 15 €
  • Website: https://www.campingribadeo.com/

4.  Gran Camping Zarautz (in Bilbao)

If you are a campervan enthusiast, then you need to visit the Gran Camping Zarautz site in Bilbao. It is the best campsites in northern Spain for motorhomes. Due to its prime beachfront location, you can start each day with the sound of breaking waves and spend the rest of the day taking in all that comes with the beautiful Basque Country. There is no shortage of activity there, whether you like to go climbing in the neighboring mountains or you want to surf the internationally renowned waves at Zarautz Beach. There is enough for everyone to appreciate, from its charming beaches to its lively neighboring villages. There is no limit to how you can explore and enjoy all that Spain has to offer from a natural point of view, than in a campervan, given how common it is in Spain.

Gran Camping Zarautz (in Bilbao)

  • Price: From 20 €
  • Website: https://www.grancampingzarautz.com/

5.  Little Texas (in Tabernas)

The picturesque Little Texas campsite offers a peaceful location to unwind as you take in everything that comes with this part of Spain. It is situated in southern Spain close to the quaint hamlet of Los Reyes de Arrivillaga. For any outdoor enthusiast, is beyond doubt one of the top campervan campsites. This campsite provides a special experience not found anywhere else. It is positioned among lovely rolling hills and surrounded by thick vegetation. Wi-Fi and electricity hookups are just a couple of the numerous conveniences available to make you comfortable. The trails allow travelers to discover some of Spain’s most spectacular landscapes while they are away from home since they provide some of the best vistas of the countryside.

  • Price: From 18 €
  • Website: https://littletexastabernas.com/

6.  Camping Don Quijote (in Salamanca)

For a campervan vacation journey, Spain’s Camping Don Quijote provides all the essential components. At this picturesque campsite, you combine your love of the outdoors, nomadic attitude, and excitement for campers. This welcoming campsite offers easy access to some top attractions in Spain and is tucked away inside lush meadows just some kilometers from the lovely and buoyant Salamanca city. Enjoy the magnificent scenes of the sun as it bounces off the mountain of Sierra de Béjar, filling the sky with a warm enchanting shine that beckons travelers. You may relax beside the pool while you sip a glass of fresh rosé and some tapas, or go on a relaxation walks through picturesque valleys of the river and to hidden caverns amongst typical Spanish villages. Don Quijote will be one of your dream campsites in Spain for motorhomes If you visit it now.

  • Price: From 18€
  • Website: http://ww1.campingdonquijotesalamanca.com/

There are lots of motorhome campsites in Spain but here are the most prominent for campervan lovers. What makes Spain stands out in terms of camping is its endless list of campsites known for their beauty and history.

Things To Carry Along

  • First Aid Kit
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Trash Bags
  • Wet Wipes
  • Camping Chair
  • Camping Bag
  • Flashlight
  • Tent
  • Camp Stove


Because beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, there are as many gorgeous campsites in Spain for motorhomes than you can imagine. They all have wonderful touristic spots for everyone to visit, from mountain views to seashore sunsets, etc. However, one of the most enjoyable ways to explore is at your leisure, without any pressure, and stopping wherever you feel like it.

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