Raising The Standard

What are the benefits to joining the CVC Association

Gold Membership

We are not currently accepting Gold Membership until 2025 

Silver Membership

Silver membership. Every builder  is verified and checks are made that they are adhering to basic standards of build and safety. Hence its slightly higher fees. 

  • Ability to sell vehicle and conversion warranties
  • New demo vehicle scheme
  • Camper Warranty work in local area is directed to you 
  • No Entry fee into yearly CVC Association Awards
  •  Peace of mind for buyers, funders and insurance companies  that you are adhering to minimum standards and best practices
  • The likleyhood that you can achieve a better price for your conversions as you are not cutting corners. 

Bronze Membership

Bronze Membership has no verification. No checks are made. 

  • Access to Brokerweb stock page 
  • Ability to display the CVC Association Logo to at least acknowedge you are thinking about standards
  •  Paid entry into the yearly CVC Association Awards 
  • Full access to paid services 
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